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Rev. Ben Strength

Lent and Easter ...


From the Pastor:

Our Leadership Team approved the funds to update our sound board at our Sunday evening meeting on February 11th. The sound people will be at the church on Wednesday, February 21st, to evaluate our current system and make recommendations about a new system. Our current sound board does not send sound out to the camera when we are recording morning worship. It also is not correctly maintaining the settings for each individual microphone. This has been an issue for quite some time. Gail, Joneen and I appreciate this decision and action by the Leadership Team. Hopefully, a new sound board will correct our problems with recording for shut-ins, posting on Facebook and enhancing the hearing abilities of our congregants during morning worship.
           We are beginning to prepare for our annual Fall Tailgate Service. Our Fall Tailgate service will be held on August 11th. Our featured speaker will be Monticello’s own, Dr. Alton M. Standifer, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of the University of Georgia. I am certain that Dr. Standifer will be an exciting speaker. Thanks to Don Kelly for securing Alton for our Fall Tailgate, and for making the contacts with our local schools to determine the date for this event.
           I look forward to the Lenten Season as a time to prepare our hearts and souls to reflect upon Jesus. I am sure that we need to avail ourselves of this 40 day period (not counting Sundays) to reflect upon our own lives, examine our own souls, and to remember the life of Jesus. I am aware that Good Friday is a somber day, as we remember the crucifixion of the Lord. But, Jesus’ entire life was a sacrifice. The Son of God came to earth as a human to proclaim the Good News and to reconcile humanity to God. The season of Lent’s purpose is to help us remember His life and also to reflect upon the cost of his incarnation. May we confess our sins to God and also ask the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts as we seek to be obedient and loving children of God.
           Our Holy Week services, March 25th to 29th, are planned. Joneen and I met with the community pastors at the Chamber of Commerce last week. Our Easter Sunrise service is planned. Easter sunrise will be held on our front lawn at 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday, March 31st. If the weather is inclement we will move into the sanctuary for the service. We are praying and planning for good weather, but we do have a fallback plan. We will have our usual 11:00 am Sunday Service Easter morning.
I hope to see you in church this Sunday.
Grace and peace, Ben

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