Rev. Ben Strength

Christ in Christmas


The Christmas season is now officially here. We have already had Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you joined the masses in the stores and malls looking for those perfect gifts I am glad you survived. The world does recognize that the season to buy and spend is now upon us. Too few know that the Christian season of Advent is really the beginning of this special season. Too few also know that this supposed to be a spiritually uplifting season. If this December is only about pricey – and often unneeded and sometimes unappreciated – gifts then why do we call it the Christmas season? Perhaps our society was actually being honest when they wanted to ease Christ out of this time of celebration and simply say, “Happy Holidays!”  Without a Christ-centered season of rejoicing these holidays are just another few days off work and a time of eating and drinking.

            For persons of faith this is a wonderful season. It is a time to remember that God saw the need that his children had for redemption from sin and suffering. God sent His Son to deliver us from bondage to sin and self and to bring us into His Kingdom. Jesus Christ is the reason for the Christmas Season. I hope that each of us will keep him foremost in our hearts and minds during these busy days as we prepare to celebrate His birth!

            I enjoy Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, and the time spent with family. I also appreciate the fact that many people are a little kinder and more compassionate to their fellow human beings. It is a wonderful thing to remember those who have a hard and difficult life and who struggle to survive day after day. May the message of the child born in a stable and placed in a feed trough for a bed touch our hearts in wonderous ways. This season is about God moving in our world through ordinary people of faith in order to redeem us all.

            May Christ be in your hearts today and every day!  Ben