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Rev. Ben Strength



I hope that all of you are enjoying this summertime weather.  I am aware that a number of you have already been on vacation and seen some new places, or at least old familiar places that you enjoy. I expect that our Sunday morning worship attendance numbers will diminish during June and July. Enjoy your time away and I hope that you return home relaxed and refreshed.
            Joseph must have been a good earthly father to Jesus. God would never have placed His Son with a surrogate father who was not a good and holy man. Jesus paid the highest compliment to Joseph when he taught his disciples, and us, to pray, ”Our Father who is in Heaven…” On this day may we be grateful to both our earthly fathers and our Father in Heaven.
           Our Leadership council meeting for the month of June will be June 23rd at 5:30 p.m. Thanks to Suzanne Arena for agreeing to be the Chairperson of the Leadership Council for the remainder of 2024. And thanks to Carol Horton for her leadership for the last few years. I am aware that being the Chairperson of the Leadership Team is a demanding and sometimes difficult position. And thanks to all of the members who serve in these vital and necessary positions.
           We have two issues to deal with that are important to the entire church. The first is the critical state of the AC unit which cools the sanctuary. It is only working to cool the sanctuary at the present time because of the skill and TLC provided by Tony and Daniel. Please pray that God will keep it working for the remainder of this summer. However, we do have a plan ”B”, a temporary solution. If we need to, we can move Sunday Morning worship into the chapel (which has a new AC unit) for the remainder of the summer heat.
           The second issue is the same old issue with the sound board in the sanctuary. The old analog system is becoming more and more problematic. Sometimes it works o.k. (not fine, but only o.k.) and at other times it does not work. The church does not need to replace anything other than the soundboard. The rest of the audio system is still serviceable and is functioning as it should. Our original proposal was only for a new soundboard, not a completely new system. We actually needed to replace the soundboard yesterday – the system did not work well last week when we had two funerals and needed to be able to rely on our sound system. We do have another Fall Tailgate service on August 11th, 2024, and need to resolve our issues with the sound system before then. I have no firm, final price estimates, but replacing the sound board only should cost between $3,500 and $8,000. These are the range of prices I have heard. Please think and pray about this.

Grace and peace, Ben

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